Last year the microscopy community lost one of its most talented, devoted, and celebrated microscopists - Mike Davidson.  Over the past decade, Mike has been instrumental in figuring out the performance characteristics of nearly every fluorescent probe. His lab at Florida State’s National High Magnetic Field Laboratory shared this information on his website establishing Mike as the international reference for fluorescent probe properties.  

He was our friend and colleague and we will miss him.  

The Cell Picture Show  honors Mike with some examples of his contributions.  

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Happy Birthday  

Lord Rayleigh !

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James A. Galbraith, PhD

Catherine G. Galbraith, PhD

We use multidisciplinary approaches to investigate how cells make decisions in processes as diverse as motility, synaptogenesis, plasticity, and metastasis.



John William Strutt

(aka Lord Rayleigh) was an English physicist.  He discovered the explanation for why the sky is blue (Rayleigh scattering) and defined the generally accepted criterion for minimum resolvable detail that also bears his name (Rayleigh criterion).  


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Jim and Cathy Galbraith moved their labs from NIH to OHSU in the fall of 2013. They are multidisciplinary scientists trained in engineering and either neuroscience (Jim) or cell biology (Cathy).  


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