Our Mission:  the Moleculome

mo•lec•u•lome     \mə-ˈle-kyə-lohm\ The moleuculome is a characterization of reproducible molecular behaviors that give rise to a specific cellular function.  This can be the dynamics of an individual molecule or the reorganization of a structure composed of one or more molecular species in time and space. 


 Current projects are led by Jim, Cathy, or run as a multi-PI collaboration:

  • Cell Migration:  Define the cellular decision processes -- the decision modules and signaling pathways that convert extracellular matrix probing into directed cell migration.  Currently funded by a 5 year R01.

  • Cytoplasmic Transport Mechanisms:  Define the biophysical mechanisms and physical processes that transport actin monomer during network treadmilling.  Currently funded by a 3 year NSF standard grant.

  • Metastatic Invasion:  What are the differences in the mechanosensitive structural and signaling hubs that let metastatic cells migrate and invade boundaries that normal cells do not cross?  Currently funded by pilot grant from Knight Cancer Institute.

  • New Imaging and Biophysics Technologies:   All of the biological projects in the lab rely on the application and development of new-cutting edge approaches to make measurements that were previously impossible.