Our Mission:  the Moleculome

mo•lec•u•lome     \mə-ˈle-kyə-lohm\ The moleuculome is a characterization of reproducible molecular behaviors that give rise to a specific cellular function.  This can be the dynamics of an individual molecule or the reorganization of a structure composed of one or more molecular species in time and space. 


We are approaching the Moleculome by investigating the molecular behaviors that result in the formation of signaling scaffolds and give rise to the transduction of information at these scaffolds.  

Current project areas in the lab include:

  • the formation of cell adhesions and ligand specific pathfinding

  • cytoskeletal dynamics in cell motility in response to receptor mediated ligand interactions

  • differences in the molecular organization of adhesive scaffolds and synapses that occur in disease states such as cancer metatasis and myasthenia gravis.

All of the projects in the lab rely on novel microscopy, biophysics, and quantifying cell, molecular, and neurobiology.