- Eric Sacks

Eric graduated from Columbia University in 2013 with a degree in Physics, and is interested in quantitative analysis approaches in super resolution microscopy.  He will be starting grad school for biophysics at Berkeley this fall!

- Dan Miller

Dan is an NGP (Neuroscience Graduate Program) student who did a rotation in the lab last year.  He is interested in mechanisms of axonal pathfinding and actin dynamics.

- Ian Galbraith

Ian is a summer intern who is a freshman at UC Berkeley majoring in computer science and minoring in physics. He is working on generating Matlab code to analyze cell migration patterns.

- Laura Voss

Laura is currently is a junior at Lewis and Clark college and is doing a semester long internship with the Galbraith Lab. She is is majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology and hopes to establish a better understanding of biophysics with her time working with the lab.

- Smith Freeman

OHSU Employee 001.  Smith was the Galbraith Lab's first employee after our move and is still remembered for her get it done and get it done right attitude.  She has moved on to a job as an engineer at Captricity in Oakland.  

- Scott Breitenstein

Scott graduated from Reed College in 2015 and is a first year graduate student in bioengineering  with the Galbraith Lab. 

- Will Voss

Will graduated from Reed College in May 2014 and has been working in the Galbraith Lab since then. His research is currently working towards a better understanding of the cytoskeleton protein vinculin in cell-ECM interactions, cell migration, and cancer metastasis.