January 2022 - The university has still not decided on whether or not in-person internships will be allowed this year.  

Due to the interactive nature of the projects we will most likely not host an intern if it can not be in-person.  That said, if you are interested, please apply but also keep other options open.  Check back here for the latest info.  

GalbraithLab Quantitative Biology / Biophysics (QBB) Internships

The Quantitative Biology / Biophysics Internship in the Galbraith Lab within the Spatial Biology Group and the BME Department creates opportunities for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students to participate in quantitative biology and biophysics research. 

Projects cover a wide range of quantitative biology and biophysics, including image analysis, -omic analysis, super-resolution microscopy, photophysics of dyes, immunohistochemistry, and basic molecular biology. Past projects have included developing and using metrics to quantify the differences in the motility of cancer cell lines in response to matrix stiffness, developing software for single-molecule tracking transmembrane receptors, adding optics to an existing microscope to increase axial resolution, writing software to automate time-lapse microscopy and characterize the photophysics of new single-molecule probes.  Each year the projects focus on a new technique or approach that the lab wants to try.

Interns meet with the PIs nearly daily; they are required to present weekly and are asked to read and analyze literature.  In addition to seminars on campus; they are encouraged to view video cast seminars on websites such as iBiology and take online edX courses.  All interns are required to keep detailed logbooks, verify reagents, back up data, and learn quantitative analysis.  Interns are encouraged to take “scientific ownership” of their project and are asked to begin each week with a 2 min 2 slide presentation that describes 1) the “big picture” for the summer and 2) what part of the picture they were working on last week. 

At the end of the internship program, interns are expected to present their work at the annual PacNoW meeting in Portland.  PacNoW is the Pacific Northwest Quantitative Biology consortium that was co-founded by the Galbraith Lab at OHSU and the Applewhite and Ritz Labs at Reed.  PacNoW is comprised of faculty from OHSU, Reed, Lewis & Clark, U of O, PSU, and OSU.  An annual all-day symposium, which rotates between campuses, is held every year at the end of every summer.  Quantitative biology students from all member institutions present their summer research. 

Some students have continued their summer internships through the school year on a case-by-case basis.

To apply, please send a cover letter expressing your reason for interest in the program as well as your C.V.  The deadline for applications is March 15th.